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This testimonial defines reversal of osteo arthritis and a remarkable improvement of 85% in one year time

Chitra Narian
Former Deputy Director General

I developed arthritis (Osteoarthritis) of the knee early in 2006 and suffered a great deal. I tried all the medicines, supplements and therapies available at the time including ayurvedic treatment and homeopathic.

Since the right knee was more troublesome at that time, I had an arthroscopy of the right knee in the MAX hospital, New Delhi. However the pain continued particularly at night. Finally, in mid 2006, I read about SEATONE and started taking 2 capsules daily as prescribed. Within 3-4 months I felt an improvement by about 20-30%.Gradually this was further improved and within one year I was better by 70%.I reduced the dosage to 1 capsule daily. By the end of 2007 I improved further, I could walk comfortably for approx 30 mins. Today I would say that there is a 85% improvement. I can walk up stairs without help and the pain is very occasionally, especially in the lying position.

All in all, I would say that these last two years have seen a reversal of my arthritis – something only SEATONE has been able to do. I do not take any pain killers and supplements (only homeopathic occasionally)

There are ups and downs depending on weather conditions such as cold or dampness or when I have a viral infection / fever but at my age (74 years) I would say Seatone have helped me remarkably.

Date : 7.02.09
Ms. Chitra Narain
Jangpura Extension
NEW DELHI-110014

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