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Clinical Trials

French Study involving Osteo Arthritis of the Knee

French Study involving Osteo Arthritis of the Knee (1986)

Audeval, B., Bouchacourt, P., Double blind, placebo-controlled study of the mussel (New Zealand green-lipped mussel) in Gonarthrosis (arthritis of the knee) .


This double blind clinical study was conducted to the full European protocol as detailed in the European Directive on clinical trials of New Drugs Against Rheumatism. It was a very well conducted trial, involving 53 carefully matched patients over a period of six months. The trial was conducted at two Rheumatology centers in Paris and produced positive results indicating the effectiveness of the mussel extract for this condition.

The patient's conditions were confirmed by a radiographic analysis and they had clinically experienced a steady pain for several weeks. The study lasted 6 months using 6 capsules (2100mg of GLM Extract per day) versus a matched placebo.

Ten efficacy measures were employed and patients were examined monthly. Results showed that the GLM Extract group was statistically superior to the placebo group in 4 of the 10 test areas:
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Functional index ARA
  • Patient's opinion on results of treatment
  • Treatment effectiveness judged by the doctor
The placebo group showed a greater reduction in 'morning stiffness' as compared to the GLM extract group.


The results were also influenced by the severity of the illness. GLM Extract appeared to be more effective in less serious and moderate cases and not as effective in the more advanced stages.

The researchers concluded that GLM was effective by influencing the evolution of the arthritic illness - stopping the deterioration and enhancing the repair mechanism rather than by just working as an analgesic or purely as symptomatic anti-inflammatory agent.

Advisory: This is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of medical complaints. It is for information purposes only.

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