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Comparing GLME with Glucosamine

Seatone Vs. Other Mussel Extracts GLME Vs Glucosamine GLME Vs NSAIDS

Comparing GLM Extract with Glucosamine

GLM Extract Glucosamine
Multi compound natural product Single compound product
Good anti-inflammatory activity plus good chondro-protective and gastro-protective Only mild anti-inflammatory activity plus good joint/cartilage protection (chondro-protective)
Effective for both Osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis Effective for Osteoarthritis only
Has COX-2 selectivity No COX-2 selectivity
Contains marine long-chain fatty acids No marine long-chain fatty acids
Contains a natural blend of range of therapeutic polysaccharides Just one therapeutic polysaccharide
No adverse effects with high dose High dose can cause adverse effects

Advisory: This is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of medical complaints. It is for information purposes only.

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